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Types of Schizophrenia

As schizophrenia affect numerous people around the world, it is interesting to know that there are multiple types of this brain disorder. The most familiar one is the paranoid schizophrenia which triggers hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. The disorganized schizophrenia causes a hectic behavior together with confusing thoughts. The communication is not coherent and even the simplest activities are hard to perform.

The catatonic schizophrenia is known by the movement disturbance. The patients get immobile or perform repetitive and useless moves. In the case of undifferentiated schizophrenia, the disease does not present the accurate symptoms of the other types. It has a changing nature and the diagnosis may occur at some point in life.

The residual schizophrenia is caused by the diminishing of the symptoms. The patients are able to lead a decent life, but with some brief periods of hospitalization needed. There is a real improvement, but the patient needs to be kept under surveillance.